in English Alexander von Humboldt Informationen online. is an online information platform about worldwide activities regarding Humboldt.  It is also the  succeeding  project of Alexander von Humboldt im Netz (, which has been collecting and commenting information and marterials about the life and achievements of Alexander von Humboldt since 1999. Humboldt Informationen online. wants to

  • be an introduction to this great scientist and erudite
  • present worldwide activities around Humboldt and bundle them in one location
  • familiarize more people with „Humboldtian Science“ and serve as a research archive for both a specialized as well as wider audience
  • provide materials, subject-matters, primary and secondary sources concerning Humboldt
  • dynamically intertwine the many facets of scholarship on Humboldt
  • be open for you! – we look forward to your comments and contributions! - Einstieg in Werk, Leben und Ideenwelt von Alexander von Humboldt

Redesigned from scratch, the new version of this platform facilitates a versatile navigation  through  the complex material cosmos, world of ideas and scientific scenery around Alexander von Humboldt.  For this, offers a complex semantic stucture. In addition to static content like the new bibliography of digital facsimile, the updated  bibliography of secondary sources or the Cosmos register by Eduard Buschmann, there are three main categories – MATERIALS (MATERIALIEN)TEXTS (TEXTE)TOPICS (THEMEN) –  where numerous articles are arranged in diverse fields of interest.

HUMBOLDT ZUM EINSTIEG (introducing Humboldt) is adressed at folks with a broader, more general interested. A category with readers in mind, who care less for the latest in scientific research, but rather look for easily accessible materials about Humboldt’s life, achievement and influence.  An offer that was inspired by the Humboldtian ideal of democratization and popularization of science, which he himself realized most famously with his acclaimed Cosmos lectures in Berlin.

The tag cloud works like a semantic cloud adapting itself to its corresponding context with the objective to provide references to related contents on  A similar assistance are proposals to related entries displayed at the end of each article.

RSS-Feeds, newsletter, comments

There are two ways to stay updated with news from and its sister project HiN-International Review for Humboldtian studies: You may subscribe to our newsletter or to the RSS feed of in order to receive regularly  information about recent activities on the platform and the journal. It is up to you how to set your RSS feed: a global setting for the entire site, a setting for several or all comments or for your favourite categories.

Furthermore, you may take the opportunity to participate in a shared conversation about Alexander von Humboldt at any time here on Use the comment function at the end of every article and share with us and other readers your thoughts about life, achievement and thinking of a man, whose accomplishments opened space for a whole cosmos!

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6 Gedanken zu „in English

  • Ulrich Sperberg

    Guten Tag,
    kann mir jemand weiterhelfen.
    Ich suche einen Nachweis, daß AvH nach August 1848 bis Ende 1849 irgendwann in Breslau bei P. H. Boguslawski auf der Sternwarte war und dort eine Meteor-Daguerreotypie von Hermann Krone gezeigt bekam oder aber auch, daß er in besagtem Zeitraum NICHT dort war.
    Jeder Hinweis, wo ich da suchen kann ist mir willkommen.

    Ulrich Sperberg

  • Colleagues,

    Has anyone remarked on the eight letters that J. F. Zöllner addressed to AvH in July 1791, published in Briefe über Schlesien, Krakau, Wieliczka und die Grafschaft Glatz auf einer Reise im Jahr 1791 (Berlin: Friedrich Maurer, 1792), reviewed in Neue ADB 9. Bd, 1. St. (1794) p.207? I haven’t seen a reference to them in the contemporary secondary literature, but I haven’t been keeping the closest tabs on things.


    • Dear Prof. Dettelbach,
      thank you very much for your remark. We do have an entry to these letters, which were – as far as we can tell – never intended as actual letters but go by the definition of „als Briefe bezeichnete Reisebilder“, therefore as published works declared as letters, even though they never actually came to be real „letters“.
      Does that help?
      Best regards,
      Tobias Kraft

  • Ich suche eine Ausgabe von Humbold Englisch in 30 Tagen Ausgabe 1999 mit CD. Ausgabe
    Frage ? wie bekomme ich diese Ausgabe und zu welschem Preis. Danke

    • Sehr geehrter Herr Clever,
      dazu können wir Ihnen leider keine Auskunft geben. Der Titel ist uns nicht bekannt. Zudem sind wir kein verlegerisches bzw. kommerzielles, sondern ein wissenschaftliches Projekt der Universität Potsdam und der Berlin-Brandenburgischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, das sich an Forscher und Interessierte zu Alexander von Humboldt richtet. Ihr Titel klingt aber eher nach einem Sprachkurs.
      Beste Grüße,
      Tobias Kraft


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