If Humboldt had a Laptop

HiN - Internationale Zeitschrift für Humboldt Studien <br /> ISSN: 1617-5239
HiN - Internationale Zeitschrift für Humboldt Studien ISSN: 1617-5239

Author: Rex Clark

published in: HiN II, 3 (2001)

The difficult publication history and expensive editions of Alexander von Humboldt’s volumes on the expedition to the Americas have resulted in incomplete library holdings which has limited scholarly access and sometimes caused unbalanced scholarship. A plan for a Humboldt Digital Library examines the structures and features of this representational system in print and proposes models for converting these materials to electronic form. Several issues posed by Humboldt’s works include: establishing authoritative standard editions in several languages, creating high-resolution access to the many visual innovations in the works, and using software to restore the grand concept that all of the separate disciplines of study can be seen as interrelated parts of the whole. >> full article Rex Clark

Hannah Lisa Linsmaier

Hannah Lisa Linsmaier +++ Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin am Lehrstuhl für französisch- und spanischsprachige Literatur (Prof. Dr. Ottmar Ette), Institut für Romanistik, Universität Potsdam +++ Studentin des Masterstudiengangs Angewandte Romanische Literaturwissenschaft (Italienisch und Französisch) an der Universität Potsdam. Bachelor in Italienstudien an der Freien Universität Berlin.

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